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At 3 Points Health & Wellness we believe in the power of prevention. By integrating our 3 Points-Acupuncture, Nutrition and Functional Medicine-we find the root cause and empower you to take back your health.

Model of Care

We are dedicated to our comprehensive model of care. Our primary goal is to identify and correct areas of imbalance in the body, hopefully before these imbalances develop into a disease-state.


At 3 Points, we combine cutting edge lab testing analysis and functional medicine tools along with muscle testing to analyze the body.  We look for nutritional imbalances and evaluate tissues, organs and glands that need extra support to help you function at your best.Then, we provide your body with all the right tools it needs for healing at the cellular level. Your treatment plan is designed uniquely for you. This includeshealing with the food you eat and may also include safe, highly specific, medical-grade herbal remedies as well as acupuncture that can shift your body back into balance.


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3 Points not only believes that food is medicine, but that when the body is treated as an integrated whole (as in holistic and functional medicines), we can tap into the body’s innate wisdom and heal at a deeper level.

Acupuncture Services

Functional Medicine


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