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Emily Glasser is the founder and owner of 3 Points Health & Wellness.

Emily's Background

Since childhood, Dr. Emily faced multiple life-affecting diagnoses. Painful joints, chronic fatigue, food allergies and frequent head colds, made it difficult to focus, maintain friendships, complete schoolwork and participate in extra-curricular activities. Doctor after doctor couldn’t put the pieces of her health puzzle together or figure out how to break the cycle. For over 20 years, she continued to ride this health roller coaster until yet another specialist dismissed her swollen knee as a result of stress. At that point, Dr. Emily took it upon herself to find the answers she needed. 


Dr. Emily immersed herself in Traditional Chinese Medicine, studied Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, and took advanced classes in Western Physiology, Pathology, Immunology, Orthopedics, Nutrition, and Functional Medicine. From this education, she began designing effective strategies for healing those with chronic illness, and her career as a healer was born. 


After years of study, researching a variety of health specialties and developing successful treatment programs for thousands of patients, Dr. Emily discovered one consistent theme: Healing occurs only in the presence of quality nutrition. Recognizing that 'One person's food may be another person's poison,' has honed Dr. Emily's Functional Nutrition mindset towards rebuilding from the cellular level.


“We are all bio-individually unique and require individualized attention in order to heal. The answer won’t always be to eat more kale! What one person needs is different from the next. Identifying your body’s unique needs is what will solve your puzzle, rebalance your systems, and get your health restored.”


For 15 years, Dr. Emily applied her knowledge to help people in Southern California regain their health and vitality. As a result, she’s gained a national reputation for thinking outside the box and connecting the dots for her patients. Her 6-Phase Cellular Reboot Program identifies the underlying cause of illness and reveals the path forward for restoring the health they’ve lost. 


Her comprehensive FBP: Full-Body Profile analyzes blood chemistry, cellular level health, and the function of the body’s systems including the brain. This precise and integrated approach has helped patients suffering from a wide range of ailments including fatigue, sleep issues, and gut and immune disorders quickly.


Dr. Emily is a well-respected speaker and her seminars, which are attended by medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, veterinarians, dentists and other health professionals, cover a range of topics including blood chemistry, hormone balance, blood sugar and thyroid health. She’s the expert other health providers turn to when looking to improve their skills and treatment programs. 

Emily's support has been invaluable. She is up-to-date with all the cutting edge research, understands the interconnectedness of how the body works and is able to share her knowledge in a way that is clearly understood. 

I've worked with Emily Glasser for over 18 months. I came to her with a wildly fluctuating auto-immune condition, Hashimoto's. I was experiencing difficulties thinking clearly, night sweats, blood sugar fluctuations, frequent headaches, extreme thirst, and lack of stamina, energy and strength.  We focused on getting my thyroid under control and strengthening my internal organs, which had been stressed due to the auto-immune fluctuations.  

I now have a well-managed thyroid function. My internal organs are making progress towards sustained health. My fuzzy head, insulin resistance, frequent headaches, and extreme thirst are gone.  I have a great deal more energy, stamina, and strength.  

Emily's support has been invaluable.  She is up-to-date with all the cutting edge research, understands the interconnectedness of how the body works and is able to share her knowledge in a way that is clearly understood.  She provides compassionate, well-informed, and practical advice for how to shift whatever is going on.  

She is the best functional medicine practitioner I've ever worked with. I recommend her highly!


-Diane B

I've been Emily's patient for 3 years. She has a wonderful manner and comprehensive knowledge. She's the best functional medicine doctor, nutritionist and acupuncturist I've ever been to! When I first met her, I was suffering from numerous conditions doctors couldn't understand and treat, such as fainting, brain fog, low energy, joint pain, lower back, fatigue...etc. After seeing her for 6 months, I was a completely different person. I can't thank her enough.


-Opi F.

Cannot speak highly enough of Emily.  Her professionalism and knowledge is unsurpassed.  She cares for her patients and gives personalized attention as I have received from no other in her field.  I am grateful for her care as I do not know where I would be without it other than in a hospital.  I wholeheartedly recommend her with no reservation.


-Olga D.

I have been a patient of Emily's for 10 years. I have never met anyone more dedicated and willing to help me be well. Finding her was a miracle - I am so grateful. I have seen many doctors and specialists, and usually struggle to be heard. Emily listens - truly listens and seeks to read between the lines to figure out what's really going on with me. She always knows just what to do and recommend. She takes the time to explain things so that I can understand and am empowered to do what I need for myself to feel my very best. She has an exceptional mind, a gracious heart and is an incredible woman --- I recommend her strongly. Thank you Emily!!


-Cherie R.

She has an exceptional mind, a gracious heart and is an incredible woman --- I recommend her strongly.

Over the past few years, Emily has not only helped me get through the chronic anxiety of divorce and the single parenting that ensued, but has also become a friend in the truest sense of the word. I can't express how wonderful it is to feel HEARD by a health care professional and feel that they are part of your "health team" as opposed to what is commonly felt after visits with standard clinicians practicing in hospitals / offices in the United States. 

I honestly look forward to these appts (including but not limited to acupuncture, cupping, discussion of symptoms, herbal recommendations, discussion of various potentially useful blood tests, discussion of mental health, muscle testing, etc) and now consider them an integral part of my self-care.


-Liz S.

I have been seeing Emily for 4 months now.  It was my first experience with acupuncture and she made me feel very at ease.  

I initially came in concerned with chronic shoulder pain as well as in the elbow area.  She has since gotten rid of both problem areas.  I have a very active lifestyle in the gym, with sports etc.  I am relieved to know acupuncture with Emily will always help me along the way.

 She has also helped in other areas such as digestion and anxiety.  I am so thrilled knowing acupuncture helps in all these areas!

 I have never had such success with my health and wellbeing at any other kind of doctors office.  Acupuncture has changed my life and I have Emily to thank and Universal Family Wellness Clinic.


-Bryan N.

Dr Emily Glasser has helped me have energy and lower my anxiety for the first time in my life. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! -C.A.,Brooklyn, NY

I've been seeing Emily here for a couple of months. Came in for a couple of issues but mostly for headaches. I'd seen a few MDs and it always came down to allergies. Couple of times in the year I'd be sick, visit an MD to hear it was a sinus infection, or just allergy related. The headaches have improved, to about once a month, Emily is helping me narrow down the cause. 

She's also been helping me with the jaw pain I get when I first bite into food. This is probably what I'm most excited about. First treatment was on the right side, my jaw felt so funny, in a good way, almost numb when I'd have a first bite. Treatment was Monday, pain came back around Wednesday. Second treatment was on the left side, treatment Monday, pain came back Thurs/Fri. Third treatment was on both sides. Treatment was Monday, pain didn't come back till Friday, but since then it's not consistently back. It feels so good leaving the clinic. No jaw pain and I feel so relaxed.


-Annie L.

Great clinic with great doctor Emily.  They look at your total health picture, and even give you a food log to begin monitoring what you're eating throughout the week.  The energy of this place is also very calm/rejuvenatiing. I've had 2 acupuncture treatments here and they were both great.  The first helped me with a migraine, and the second was a great session while I was recovering from a chest cold.  


-Ali W.

I've been coming to Emily for over a year and she has helped so much with my anxiety and panic attacks. She is always so sweet and helpful. Acupuncture and the herbal remedies have Helped me get through anxiety attacks. It's the most horrible thing that I've experienced and universal family Wellness has been my savior. It is sooo affordable , which makes it convenient to make weekly appts..  Emily is wonderful and will be coming here for years to come.


-Adriana R.

I've been seeing Emily for about a year. Most recently, I had extremely swollen axillary lymph nodes that were very painful and some strange blood test results that were very concerning to my doctor. Dr. sent me to an oncologist which was, naturally, terrifying. I was simultaneously seeing Emily for weekly acupuncture and cupping and taking a combination of herbs/supplements that she individualized for my situation. I took the supplements religiously for about two weeks and both the swelling and pain subsided. I then ran out of supplements and went out of town for a week. The pain and swelling returned. I went back on the regimine, and the pain/swelling disappeared again. It was amazing. I can't tell you the anxiety and fear I had thinking I had cancer of some sort. My doctor sent me to get an ultrasound, an MRI, two oncologist visits, etc. and still couldn't give me a differential diagnosis. Emily bolstered my immune system with natural herbs and acupuncture, and I've been pain/swelling free for over a month. Aside from this, specific experience, Emily has always been so professional, caring, knowledgeable, and kind. I am so blessed to have found her. I would probably still be in pain and obsessively googling "cancer, axillary lymph nodes, dying, help" from my bed. She's such a blessing.



Emily's methodical work and continued patience with me has completely changed if not saved my life. She is so healing and intuitive, but also a highly trained medical professional with a really scientific approach. I hope to continue working with her for all of my medical needs. -Annie H.

Emily absolutely fixed me, I am a physical performer passing through town with a madly sore hamstring and I didn't think I had a rosey rest of my tour coming up. 3 days after my session with Emily I almost feel like a new person, so impressed.


-Lisa L.

I've recently embarked on a health overhaul with Emily. I am over the moon with my experience thus far. I feel 100% positive that I have chosen the right health path and that I am in very competent hands.


-Jenny P.

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