Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is an evidence-based approach to wellness. It means that we use proven scientific methods as part of your health assessment, such as blood work and other types of lab tests to provide a comprehensive understanding of how your organs and tissues are functioning.

Lab Testing

This type of lab testing is very different than what your medical doctor may do because we are looking for imbalances in the body such as nutritional deficiencies rather than diagnosing a disease.It gets to the root of things so that you can function at your best now and prevent health problems in the future.

At your first appointment at 3 Points Health & Wellness, a full health history is taken as well as an in-office, non-invasive physical examination. Based on the findings of this in-office evaluation, we determine which lab tests, if any, are appropriate to complete our comprehensive evaluation.

Some of the lab tests that we do at 3 Points Health & Wellness include blood, stool, urine and hair analysis such as:

  • Blood Chemistry Panels
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Panels
  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities (Including Celiac and Gluten Intolerance, among others)
  • Gastro-Intestinal (Gut Profiles)
  • Hormone and Adrenal Testing
  • DNA Testing
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
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